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    On March 31, when the entire world anticipated that Reliance Jio would put an end to its freebies, something else happened. Reliance Jio extended its Prime Enrolment deadline for another 15 days, i.e. till April 15th.

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    In the late night, the new telecom company released a press release that considering the unprecedented demand, Jio Prime enrolment will be extended till April 15th. It is to be noted that the subscribers who don’t pay and recharge for Jio Prime will experience degradation or discontinuation of the services.

    Reliance Jio “Summer Surprise” Plan:

    As a complementary offer, Reliance Jio has announced the launch of its “Jio Surprise” plan. The Prime members who have recharged with ₹303 or more will get the free benefits for another 3 months. That means, the paid services will only start from July.

    When everyone was of the opinion that Jio Prime didn’t appeal to the majority of the users with a low turnout, Reliance Jio made a quick surprise. It announced that the company has been backed by 72 million Jio Prime users. With another two weeks in hand, Reliance Jio can definitely make 100 million a reality.

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    Admits Small Packets of Congestion:

    Mr. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Jio further claimed that the company is the pioneer in the creation of the world’s largest Greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network. The company will invest over 2 lakh crore to install another 100,000 mobile towers in the country. This clearly signifies that Reliance Jio will double its existing towers to resolve congestion in the network.

    One thing is very clear, Reliance Jio with its Jio Summer Surprise offer will make the nights sleepless for the incumbent telecom players. Starting on September 5, Reliance Jio has hurt the industry’s revenue and profitability and eventually forced the consolidation in Telecom industry.

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    Consolidation Inevitable in Telecom Sector:

    If one can observe the latest developments, it forced the big players Vodafone India and Idea Cellular to merge. The other group Reliance Communications, Aircel and MTS merged to save their faces. The Telenor made its exit by selling its properties to Bharti Airtel. When the companies are in a dire need to invest in 4G expansion, they are bleeding by allowing a dent in their profitability in the name of huge discounts.

    Reliance Jio Extends Prime Subscription Deadline:

    Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, in a press release, said:

    I want to personally thank you for choosing Jio, and for being a founding member of the Jio movement. A movement to transform India. A movement to empower and enrich each one of you with the revolutionary power and possibilities of Digital Life.

    Coming back to the Jio Prime subscription, enjoy the Jio benefits for another 3 months by paying ₹402 (₹99 + ₹303). When the incumbents are charging ₹349, the Reliance Jio is offering the unlimited benefits for another 3 months at just ₹402. What’s your opinion about the new Jio Summer Surprise Offer?

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