Beware of Loot Offer! Airtel Unlimited 4G Data for 3 Months is Fake

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    Social media occasionally circulates false news, but this loot offer for all Airtel users took the social networks by storm. For the past few days, this fake news about Airtel activating unlimited 4G/3G data for 3 months is going viral on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp.

    As per the message, the user has to follow the link to avail Bharti Airtel’s unlimited 4G data offer. There’s nothing to do with the telecom carrier Airtel. It’s absolutely a fake message. When the user clicks the link, it gets redirected to an unknown page with Airtel logo on it.

    The user has to enter some basic information such as name, phone number and the state of residence. After submitting the required information, the site invites the user to download sponsor apps. This is to warn the users that downloading such stuff would corrupt the smartphone as it contains malware.

    Stay Away from Fraudulent Spam:

    Stay away from such nasty fake messages. If the telecom operator wants to offer any extra benefits then the subscriber will get a message from the company itself. It is true that the incumbent telecom companies are offering value-added data packs to the subscribers hang on to their network. But these loot offers are something fishy. Stay away from such fraudulent spam messages.

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