ZTE S30 Pro Teased with 144Hz Refresh Rate Screen & 44MP Front Camera

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    ZTE Corporation, a Chinese partially state-owned enterprise, has announced that its new smartphone ZTE S30 Pro will feature an OLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate.

    Just after a day of its teaser, the ZTE Corporation announced that S30 Pro will be a part of the new S series. Going further, the technology company also shared its launch poster.

    ZTE S30 Pro Specifications:

    Apart from the 144Hz screen, the handset will also include exceptional specs. The other notable one is the inclusion of a 44MP selfie camera. If one remembers, Vivo S9 has got a 44MP front camera as well.

    Incidentally, the 44MP supplements the quad-camera setup in a rectangle-shaped camera bump that one can conclude from its launch poster. However, the leaked information suggests that ZTE S30 Pro sports a 64MP primary camera.

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    There’s a new gradient colour with a mix of pink and blue. Leaving the two key specs aside, nothing else is known yet. By going through these two specs, one can’t determine whether it is a flagship or mid-range handset. Need to wait until someone reveals the complete specs of the handset.

    It seems the ZTE is busy bringing up a new generation of its Axon series. The company has named it Axon 30 Pro. We will update it soon.

    So, what is your opinion on the latest ZTE S30 Pro handset? Share your thoughts.

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