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    In a bid to push JioPhone further, Reliance Jio has added 5 new data plans. Starting at ₹22, the newly launched JioPhone data plans come with 28 days validity period.

    To the unaware, Reliance Jio has recently added an annual plan at just ₹749 for its JioPhone customers. Now the company has revamped its prepaid portfolio further to include JioPhone exclusive data plans.

    The newly launched 5 JioPhone data plans priced ₹22, ₹52, ₹72, ₹102 and ₹152. Interestingly, all the newly rolled plans come with 28 days validity. These plans do differ in terms of the amount of 4G data.

    If data is the prime concern then one can even recharge with the cheapest 4G data voucher (₹11) that offers 1GB data. Leaving it aside, let us go through each JioPhone data pack in detail:

    JioPhone ₹22 Plan:

    The JioPhone 22 is the entry-level data plan meant exclusively for JioPhone customers. It packs 2GB of 4G data with 28 days validity period. Post the usage of 2GB, the speed is throttled to 64 kbps. As it is a data-only pack, these JioPhone plans don’t pack any calling or SMS benefits.

    However, one can enjoy Jio Apps like JioTV, Jio Cinema, Jio Security and Jio News.

    JioPhone ₹52 Plan:

    The next higher JioPhone ₹52 comes with 6GB of 4G data. This is valid for 28 days. Post the usage of 6GB data, the speed comes down to 64Kbps.

    JioPhone ₹72 Plan:

    The JioPhone ₹72 plan ships a total of 14GB of 4GB data. However, it is to be noted that only 0.5GB of data is offered on daily basis. Post that limit, one can enjoy unlimited data at 64Kbps which is sufficient enough to send and read WhatsApp messages.

    JioPhone ₹102 Plan:

    The JioPhone ₹102 plan offers daily 1GB data for a period of 28 days. In a nutshell, it ships 28GB of total data. One can enjoy a subscription to Jio Apps.

    JioPhone ₹152 Plan:

    This JioPhone ₹152 plan offers 2GB daily data with a validity of 28 days. That means one can enjoy a total of 56GB high-speed 4G data. Post the daily limit usage, the speed comes down to 64 Kbps.

    Don’t get confused with this with JioPhone ₹155 All-in-One plan where the user gets daily 1GB data, unlimited voice calling, and 100 SMS per day. Similarly, the annual ₹749 JioPhone plan offers 2GB of data per cycle making it 24GB in total. Apart from data, it offers unlimited voice calling and 50 SMS per cycle.

    New JioPhone Data Plans:

    Plan 4G Data Benefit Validity
    ₹22 2GB Data 28 days
    ₹52 6GB Data 28 days
    ₹72 0.5GB Daily data 28 days
    ₹102 1GB Daily data 28 days
    ₹152 2GB Daily data 28 days

    So, what is your opinion on the latest revision of JioPhone data plans? Share your thoughts.

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