Jio’s Cheapest 4G Data Voucher ₹11 Now Offers 1GB Data (Up 25% Extra)

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    Though it might not be a piece of groundbreaking news, Reliance Jio has added extra 25% data to its cheapest 4G data voucher priced at ₹11. The other vouchers continue to deliver the same benefit.

    For the unaware, Reliance Jio has got four 4G data vouchers. They are ₹11, ₹21, ₹51 and ₹101. Their validity remains with that of the existing plan. They do only differ by the amount of 4G data being shipped.

    Earlier these 4G data vouchers used to offer voice calling benefits. For example, the ₹11 4G Data Voucher used to offer 75 non-Jio minutes. However, with the removal of IUC charges for off-net calls, the Jio plans don’t require any separate voice packs.

    Jio 4G Data Voucher Explained:

    Coming back to the 4G data packs, the smallest ₹11 pack used to offer 800MB data. Now, this voucher is revised to offer 1GB 4G data. There is no change with respect to benefits in other 4G Data voucher packs.

    The ₹21 4G data voucher offers unlimited 2GB data, whereas ₹51 4G data pack offers unlimited 6GB data. The largest ₹101 4G Data Voucher offers unlimited 12GB data.

    When you read unlimited 12GB data consider it as 12GB 4G data. Post the usage of 12GB 4G data, the speed gets reduced to 80kbps. However, it remains unlimited. With that slow speed, one can’t even browse any webpage. Probably, that would be sufficient to send a WhatsApp message.

    Plans Validity Benefits
    ₹11 Existing Plan Unlimited 1GB
    ₹21 Existing Plan Unlimited 2GB
    ₹51 Existing Plan Unlimited 6GB
    ₹101 Existing Plan Unlimited 12GB

    Undoubtedly, the Cheapest Data Pack:

    The ₹11 4G data voucher with 1GB benefit is undoubtedly the cheapest by any telecom network company. For comparison sake, the Vi ₹16 is the cheapest from Vi kitty offering 1GB data with 24 hours validity.

    Similarly, Airtel’s ₹48 data pack is the smallest one from Airtel camp that provides 3GB data with 28 days validity. Summing it up, the Reliance Jio’s ₹11 data pack is definitely a valuable data pack in a country like India.

    So, what is your opinion on the latest 25% extra data on ₹11 4G Data Voucher? Share your thoughts.

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