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    In the context of a huge backlash regarding WhatsApp pushing a new privacy policy, the Central Government has asked the popular instant messaging service to adhere to Indian laws. As an update to it, the Facebook-owned messaging platform once again tried to explain its privacy policy.

    The same old story that WhatsApp doesn’t have any access to personal chat/conversation information due to its strong encryption. The same is being reflected through a display of 2 banners.

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    WhatsApp Limited Functionality Post May 15th Deadline:

    Now, the question is what happens after May 15th. If the user doesn’t accept the new terms and conditions. The company has confirmed that WhatsApp users can still accept its new privacy policy after the May 15th deadline. There’s a catch to it.

    The user won’t be able to read or send messages from the App. However, the user can still receive calls and notifications. Read this is for a few weeks. The company didn’t disclose any time period for it.

    Though there are no clear-cut guidelines regarding this time period, one has to keep in mind that WhatsApp automatically deletes the account if it is inactive for 120 days.

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    Due to this privacy backlash, WhatsApp has lost its subscriber base to Telegram and Signal. Leaving it aside, it is concrete that WhatsApp will be forcing the users to accept its new privacy policy.

    It is for the user to accept the new terms or live with the limited functionality or completely delete the WhatsApp account. Don’t forget to export the chat history before deleting the account.

    Even a petition is being heard at the Supreme Court regarding the concerns of privacy. In spite of the Government’s order, WhatsApp is going with its new privacy policy. If there is so much difference between European and Indian privacy policy, WhatsApp has to bear the brunt.

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    What are the Available Options for WhatsApp User?

    Though there are many options available, the Indians are very much used to WhatsApp. On the other side, there’s a negligible share with respect to WhatsApp payments and transactions.

    Many users don’t know that Google and Twitter are sharing user data for Advertisements. Almost all companies like Microsoft, Apple and Google from the USA to CHINA including Mobile Apps are stealing the data of their customers online without the user’s knowledge.

    These companies are collecting user data and doing advertising business. There’s nothing new about to talk. There’s nothing new about robbing the user info.

    In reality, WhatsApp has been sharing info with its parent company Facebook for years. The new privacy data is related to business and payments to help Facebook in ad management.

    If privacy is a matter of concern, then first stop using Facebook Messenger as it doesn’t have end-to-end encryption.

    So, what is your opinion on the latest WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update? Share your thoughts.

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