Apple Bans 39K Chinese Apps & Games (from App Store in China)

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    In a shocking move, the American tech giant Apple removed 39,142 apps from the China App Store. This is the biggest app ban on any single day.

    Apple removed the unlicensed apps as they were given ample time to get a government-issued license number. Initially, Apple gave a deadline until the end-of-June. However, it was later extended to December 31st as the process was tedious and time-consuming.

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    Apple Insists Government-issued License Number:

    If the reports are to be believed the Apple is ready to slap another 7,000 apps with immediate effect. It’s to be noted that the Chinese apps don’t consider license terms seriously. Probably, this led Apple to enforce the rule and act harshly.

    The prohibited 39,142 Chinese apps include some prominent publishers like Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Identity and NBA 2K20.

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    As per Qimai (the Beijing-based online data service provider), there were 164,000 online apps in the App Store in China. As on December 31, 39K off-the-shelf apps and 24% of the games got affected. The report also revealed that only 74 of the top 1,500 paid games survived the purge.

    Apple Bans Pandemic Party Apps:

    In a similar move, Apple also banned Vybe Together app that allowed people to locate “secret” indoor house parties. The tech company cited ill-timed promotion as it encouraged the spread of the COVID-19.

    Though the liberal media opposed Apple’s stand on pandemic parties, it is definitely a right one when one considers 352K COVID deaths in the US.

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