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    In a bid to take on Reliance Jio, Airtel has launched a special internet pack with long validity. Though the company claims to offer free 4G data for 90 days at ₹ 1495, this is a clever marketing gimmick with a little asterisk of terms and conditions. In reality, Bharti Airtel’s new data pack brings down the per GB cost to below ₹ 50 as advertised by Reliance Jio during its launch.

    Post Data Limit, 64 Kbps Speed:

    As per the company, existing Airtel subscribers can enjoy the benefit by recharging with ₹ 1495. Whereas the new users should make the first recharge of ₹ 1494 and enjoy 4G data. Here catch is after crossing the 30GB data limit. Post the data cap of 30GB, the fair usage policy will be applicable and speed will be throttled to 2G level. That means you get unlimited browsing at a speed of 64 Kbps.

    First NCR Circle, then PAN India:

    At present, this new 30GB 4G data pack of 90 days validity is available in the NCR circle. However, in the coming days, the company is bringing this unlimited data offer to other circles to counter Reliance Jio. The Bharti Airtel in a press release stated that 4G handsets consume large amounts of data and this special 30GB 4G data will help the customers not to worry about exhausting their data limits.

    Bharti Airtel 4G Plan 1495 Vs Reliance Jio 4G Plan 1499

    To recap, Reliance Jio post Welcome Offer, you will get 20GB for ₹ 1499 with 28 days validity. If your mobile data usage isn’t that high, then you’ll end up paying ₹ 75 per GB incase of Reliance Jio. However, the new internet pack of Airtel 30GB 4G data costs ₹ 1495 with 90 days validity. It works out to be ₹ 500 for 30 days and less than ₹ 50 per GB of 4G data.

    Offer Airtel 4G Plan 1495 Jio 4G Plan 1499
    Price ₹1495 ₹1499
    Day Data 30GB 20GB
    WiFi Data No 40GB
    Validity 90 days 28 days
    Free Calls (L/N) No HD Voice calls
    Free ISD calls No 30 min
    ISD Rate cutter No Yes
    Free SMS No 100 per day
    Night 4G No Unlimited 2AM to 5AM
    Free Apps Usage No Yes
    FUP Speed 64 Kbps 64 Kbps

    What’s Your Take?

    Though Airtel’s new special data pack seems to be economic, it is to be noted that we are not surfing websites on dial-up era speeds. Share your thoughts on the latest story.

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