Nokia is Expanding Further to Launch More Electronic Products

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    Nokia is expanding further to launch more electronic products. In fact, the industry analysts say that Nokia is very aggressive in its business expansion. Recently, the Finnish company has launched Nokia Smart TVs, laptops, and Air conditioners in association with Flipkart.

    Nokia’s Extended Product Line:

    If the words of Mr Vipul Mehrotra, Head of Nokia Brand Partnerships, has to be considered Nokia will soon make its entry into electronic home appliances including dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, smart lights, and many more.

    After being out of Microsoft’s umbrella, Nokia has been rebranding its business under HMD Global. Starting with Nokia smartphone, the brand Nokia is now associated with android Smart TVs, Streaming devices, Notebooks, and Air Conditioners.

    The recent festive season sales have put Nokia Smart TVs as one of the five highest-selling TVs in the Indian market. If the reports are to be believed, Nokia Smart TV in association with Flipkart has dented the Xiaomi’s TV market share.

    Nokia’s Brand Strengthening or Diluting?

    Expansion of any business is vital for its growth. However, the brand which is associated with smartphones and features is being diluted. On the other hand, Nokia sees it as a great opportunity where it can control all the products using a single Nokia App.

    Do you think it as a smart movie from Nokia? Have you got a Nokia AC or any of the latest Nokia product? Share your thoughts.

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