BSNL Slashes Call Charges for Global Satellite Phone Service

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    The state-run telecom BSNL is the country’s only authorized service provider for satellite phone services. Under the title of “Global Satellite Phone Service (GSPS)”, the user gets connected through direct linkage with the satellite.

    BSNL GSPS in Association with INMARSAT:

    Interestingly, this facility works even in remote areas where there is no traditional mobile/landline network or any signal from the mobile tower. Speaking technically, these satellite phone services will be provided by UK-based INMARSAT’s fourth generation technology which has 14 satellites.

    To the unaware, INMARSAT stands for International Mobile Satellite Organization. This was set up under the sponsorship of the United Nations in the year 1979.

    In India, these are presently provided by Tata Communications Ltd which inherited the license from Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

    BSNL Satellite Phone in High Demand:

    Earlier, these BSNL satellite phone services were extensively used by Government agencies (including Border Security Force and Disaster Management Agencies) while handling relief and rescue operations during emergency situations.

    Later on, these satellite phone services are now extended to the general public and private enterprises. The new technology satphones are in great demand. Apart from the fishing industry which engages in multiday deep-sea stay fishing, the state governments of Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the biggest users of satphones.

    As the new generation satellite phones are capable of handling GPS, Bluetooth, and high-quality voice with an extended battery capacity of 8 hours talk time and 100 hours standby, these satphones are attracting great business from Navy, hotels, and fishing trawlers.

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    BSNL Satellite Phone Tariff Plan:

    In order to avail the BSNL Global Satellite Phone Service, one has to submit the completely filled in Consumer Acquisition Form (CAF) along with a sum of ₹1180 as registration money. Of course, you’ll be asked for the Photo ID and Address proof.

    Apart from this initial deposit, one has to pay ₹1000 per connection as registration charges and ₹500 per connection as activation charges. The cost of a single handset is ₹70,000 plus GST. The WPC charges are ₹14,250 per annum per handset.

    Starting December 1st, the BSNL has slashed the call charges for both government agencies and the general public. In the case of the general public, the call charges have been reduced from ₹60 to ₹35. The Government users will now have to pay ₹25 instead of ₹45. Similarly, the SMS charges are ₹35 and ₹25 for the general public and government users respectively.

    Prepaid Plans for Commercial Users:

    GSPS Prepaid Plan Mandatory Charges Charges
    Plan C1 (Monthly) ₹2000 Free Calls worth ₹1320 per month
    Plan CA (Annual) ₹22,000 Free Calls worth ₹1320 (per month) / Free Calls worth ₹15840 (per annum)
    Outgoing Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS ₹35 per 60 Sec
    Incoming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS ₹30 per 60 Sec
    Outgoing International/Roaming Calls to PSTN/PLMN/GSPS ₹260 per 60 Sec
    Incoming International/Roaming Calls from PSTN/PLMN/GSPS ₹260 per 60 Sec
    SMS Charges (Local) ₹35 per SMS
    SMS Charges (International) ₹265 per SMS

    What’s Your Opinion?

    Though the prices seem to be on a higher side, the satellite phone service is the only option when other modes of communication are not feasible. Definitely, the reduction is tariff will further boost business for BSNL in this new vertical.

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