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    The OnePlus got everyone’s attention and there’s no denying that its flagship OnePlus 6 is a great smartphone in the 40K range. The tech specialists are comparing OnePlus 6 with Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7. In fact, OnePlus 6 is worth your money more than Apple’s X.

    At half the price of Apple’s most expensive smartphone ever, OnePlus 6 has got the best hardware and software combination to support its flagship status. Apple iPhone X may be the best smartphone in the market but hereafter OnePlus 6 will give a very tough competition.

    OnePlus 6 is worth your money more than Apple’s X.

    6 Incredible Reasons to Buy OnePlus 6:

    Before you invest, just read on the 6.28-inch optic AMOLED screened OnePlus 6 hands-on experience to find out the 7 reasons to buy OnePlus 6 and of course, 2 reasons not to buy it.

    1. Dual SIM:

    If you are an Indian, then the most asked functionality in a smartphone is dual SIM. It makes a bigger difference when you roam abroad. Carrying a local SIM will save a lot of money and thus a dual SIM smartphone is the need of the hour.
    If the rumours are to be believed Apple is also considering dual-SIM functionality for its ecosystem. Instead of shelling out extra money on the spare phone, why not get OnePlus 6 that has dual SIM feature right now.

    1. OnePlus Fast Charging and Lasting Power:

    The OnePlus fast charging system is the best in the market. It uses DASH CHARGING that’s really fast at about 20W. Here most of the hardware is in the plug rather than the phone. This aids in lower temperatures while fast charging and doesn’t support wireless charging.

    Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC and inbuilt 3300mAh battery, OnePlus 6 delivers a solid battery juice that can deliver a lasting power well over a day even with heavy usage. The Adaptive Battery saving feature of Android P could be a good opportunity. In contrast, Apple iPhone X has just 2716mAh battery to support itself.

    1. Headphone Jack:

    Though an old-school practice, OnePlus satisfied its users by including 3.5mm audio port. In an online poll, more than 80 percent responded YES to the inclusion of headphone jack on their smartphone. You can just use the existing headphone for listening music even while charging.

    On the other hand, the tech giants Apple, Google and Sony ditched the practice forcing the music lovers to spend extra money upon.

    1. Faster Unlocking:

    Instead of pouring money in 3D Face Recognition, OnePlus invested it efficiently in faster fingerprint sensor. No doubt, Apple’s face recognition technology is a good security system but suffers in low-lighting conditions. There are times, it couldn’t recognize when on hats or wearing sunglasses. In such cases, OnePlus 6 (even OnePlus 5T) blazing fast unlock through fingerprint sensor is way ahead then typing the password on Apple iPhone X.

    1. Android P:

    OnePlus 6 is one of the 12 devices that will receive an early access to Android P. Google is taking Android P as a next step and is thus heavily focusing on Assistant and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Starting from Your Match on Google Maps to Google Duplex, Android P is considered to be the biggest upgrade in Google Android’s timeline.

    Though it is irrelevant to discuss which OS is better – iOS or Android, the acceptability rate is higher in Android. Gone are the days when some features are exclusive to iOS or Android. Now, they’ve copied each other while still enjoying their respective strengths.

    1. Price:

    For the serious flagship lovers, the price may not be a big constraint. It may not be fair to compare iPhone X and OnePlus 6. However, if one compares Apple iPhone X to OnePlus 6, then it’s a big margin. The OnePlus 6 is available in two variants – 6GB RAM/64GB ROM at ₹34,999 and 8GB RAM/128GB ROM at ₹39,999.

    The OnePlus 6 with 6GB RAM/64GB ROM is equivalent to Apple iPhone X that retails at ₹84990. Undoubtedly, the price difference of 50K is a big thing. Even if you consider the OnePlus 6 Marvel Avengers Limited Edition 8GB RAM/256GB ROM priced at ₹44,999 is significantly on a lower price zone.

    6/64 Model $529 €519 £469 $699 ₹34,999
    8/128 Model $579 €569 £519 $769 ₹39,999
    8/256 Model $629 €619 £569 $823 ₹44,999

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    Two Silly Reasons Not to Buy OnePlus 6:

    Indeed, OnePlus 6 is a great phone to buy but there a couple of reasons not to buy.

    1. Security Concerns:

    OnePlus is not more secure than that of Apple. The OnePlus Oxygen OS was caught up in a data breach sending personally identifiable data to a server. Though it is rectified later, OnePlus enthusiasts can’t ignore these kinds of slip-ups. On the other hand, Apple is known to be fairly serious in its security.

    1. Not a Flagship-Class Camera:

    Though OnePlus has got a decent camera, it doesn’t fit in the same league as the Apple iPhone X or Google Pixel. Hands-on experience reveals that OnePlus has to seriously up its camera game especially in low light situations.

    What’s Your Opinion?

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    OnePlus with its glassy build gives a fantastic feel and includes screen notch – the trend of the time. When compared to Apple iPhone X, the price may be half but not half the quality. Apple products always come at a premium but when the same quality is incorporated at half the price, then the decision making becomes easier.

    Leaving Apple aside, OnePlus 6 is a serious attempt to lead the pack. The super clean and responsive software combined with flagship-level hardware offers a very good value for its price.

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