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    In a new twist, Reliance Jio extended the tariff war to the post-paid segment. Till now, the tariff war is just limited to prepaid services. Expanding it further, Reliance Jio announced all-new Jio Postpaid ₹199 plan. That’s at almost half the price and more data offered by the competitors.

    As per the Jio ₹199 plan, the subscriber will get 25GB of data along with unlimited free voice calls including local, STD and roaming. You don’t have any limitation on short message service (SMS) too. Moreover, the plan allows free access to the premium subscription to Jio Apps as well.

    After the usage of allotted 25GB, the subscriber will be charged ₹20 per GB. This is undoubtedly the cheapest rate in the market.

    Roam Abroad Like Home with Jio ₹199:

    The USP of Jio ₹199 plan is its affordable international roaming. By default, the international calling is pre-activated on this post-paid plan. Surprisingly, the ISD (international calling) starts at ₹0.50 per minute to USA and Canada.

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    The international roaming is offered under two slabs depending on the country the user is visiting. It follows 2-2-2 approach for US, UK, and other listed countries. It means ₹2 per minute, ₹2 per MB, and ₹2 per SMS. Similarly, Reliance Jio adopts 10-10-10 approach for countries like China, Australia, Germany etc. That means, it charges ₹10 per minute, ₹10 per MB, and ₹10 per SMS. It is to be noted that this international roaming tariff is without any pack.

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    Along with Jio ₹199plan, the telecom operator also revealed 3 international roaming packs where one can enjoy the international roaming benefits without any bill shocks.

    For example, the ₹575 roaming pack offers 250MB high-speed data along with unlimited local calls (both to India and in international destinations). In ₹5751 pack, the subscriber gets 5GB high-speed data with a validity of 30 days. Post 5GB usage, the speed will be throttled to 64kbps.

    Jio International Roaming Pack High-Speed Data Validity
    ₹575 250MB 1 Day
    ₹2198 250MB/Day 7 Days
    ₹5751 5GB 30 Days

    How to Apply for Jio Postpaid Plan?

    Starting May 15th, the Jio post-paid plan will be active for the subscription. The plan is open to both the new and existing Jio customers. Just visit the nearest Jio store with Aadhaar card or photo, photo-id and address proof documents. Incidentally, the postpaid plan comes with a refundable security deposit of ₹250 plus Jio prime membership fee of ₹99. For the users in Jammu & Kashmir, an advance rental is payable instead of security deposit.

    This Zero-Touch ₹199 postpaid plan is pre-activated with combo benefits including international calling facility. The international roaming facility would be activated on request. Moreover, one can get to enjoy No Bill Shocks, mandatory e-bill, and AutoPay service. If you are doubtful then you can also check the bill in real-time.

    With international call rates starting at just ₹0.50 per minute, Reliance Jio ₹199 postpaid will surely be a game changer. The postpaid users will surely miss out the data rollover feature that’s provided by Bharti Airtel. Leaving that aside, the new plan is all set to expand tariff war in the post-paid segment.

    What’s Your Opinion?

    Unlike the incumbent telecom operators’, the Jio ₹199 plan doesn’t have any credit limit. Vodafone Red Basic 399 plan and Airtel ₹399 postpaid plan offers 20GB data with rollover feature. However, at half the price and more data, Reliance Jio 199 is a clear winner. With this, the competition in the telecom sector will keep going north and eventually the prices will be going south.

    Though the post-paid segment constitutes less than 5% subscription base but it makes up around 25% of the total revenue. As a result, both Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular scrips fell up to 6% a day after the Jio’s announcement of low tariff for postpaid subscribers.

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