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    The state-run telecom company has got something exclusive to its subscribers. The teleco has launched a new broadband plan titled BSNL BBG Combo ULD 700 Amaze that packs a free subscription of Amazon Prime.

    The latest offering of the BSNL clubbed with Amazon Prime is a new trend setter. Though it is viewed as a plan to combat threat from Reliance JioFiber, the BSNL has been in the business to expand its territory. Earlier, its motto was just limited to serve the rural outfield. Now with increasing awareness, BSNL is luring the customers to retain its subscription base in landline segment too.

    As a combo offer, BSNL Broadband has partnered with Amazon India to offer free Amazon Prime Subscription. Starting May 1st, the plan will be on a PAN-India basis.

    According to the official information, the BSNL BBG Combo ULD 700 Amaze plan will offer 10 Mbps download speed with a 15GB FUP limit. Post the FUP limit; the download speed will be throttled to 2 Mbps. As a combo offer, one can enjoy 500 minutes of free voice calling of BSNL to BSNL. Apart from this, the subscriber is eligible to enjoy unlimited voice calls between 10.30 PM to 6 AM and on Sundays.

    ₹ 999 Amazon Prime Subscription for Free:

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    The USP of the plan is its free Amazon Prime Subscription. Currently, Amazon Prime membership costs ₹ 999 per year. That means, at no extra cost, the BSNL plan offers Amazon Prime membership. Truly, an amazing deal from the Public Sector Unit!

    Here, you’ll get access to the latest and exclusive movies, videos, ad-free music and unlimited free and fast delivery of items through Amazon - India’s largest online store. If you are a resident of Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai then you can enjoy same-day delivery as well.

    As a special gesture, BSNL is also offering one free email ID and 1GB of space. Perhaps, this is the first of its kind. As a pre-requisite, you need to pay 1-month rental as a security deposit. The same is discounted if the user is opting for annual subscription.

    In case of annual subscription, the BSNL subscriber is required to pay BSNL an amount of ₹ 7700 where he gets a discount of 1-month rental. The BSNL BBG Combo ULD 700 Amaze plan is also open for 2 and 3 year period where the user has to pay ₹14,700 and ₹21,000 so as to get a discount for 4-months and 6-months rental respectively.

    Undoubtedly, BSNL 2yr and 3 yr advance rental plans are best in the market where one can enjoy a good discount apart from free Amazon Prime Subscription.

    What’s Your Opinion?

    Interestingly, BSNL is the not the first company to offer free Amazon Prime Subscription. Bharti Airtel started this new deal by making it on long term yearly plans. However, BSNL has taken this to a new height by offering Amazon Prime on monthly rental plans. With PAN-India coverage, BSNL is surely considering all efforts to make its dominance felt.

    Though one cannot complain 10 Mbps download speed, surely BSNL’s 15GB FUP limit is not a welcome move. One surely needs a minimum 50GB FUP limit if one has to enjoy the content of Amazon Prime subscription.

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