Let me update this much-needed article on “BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans for Validity Extension”

BSNL Validity Extension Prepaid Mobile Recharge Plans (Updated 2020) PV ₹186:

The PV ₹186 recharge offers unlimited voice calls in Home LSA and national roaming including MTNL network in Mumbai and Delhi telecom circles. There’s a FUP of 250 minutes per day.

Apart from voice calling, it offers unlimited 2GB daily data and 100 SMS for a period of 28 days in roaming as well. Post the FUP 2GB data, the speed is reduced to 80kbps. Free PRBT default tune can be availed.


The Ananth Plus ₹328 recharge is a 3 months pack, to be more specific 84 days. It offers unlimited local and STD voice calls with a FUP of 250 min/day. The other freebies include 300 SMS and 6GB data within this period.

Make a note that these freebies and validity period is the same. That is, these can be availed as long as you have the validity.


The other popular plan is PV ₹365 that comes with a 365 days validity period. The benefits include unlimited voice calls in home, local, STD and national roaming including MTNL network in Mumbai and Delhi telecom circles.

There’s a FUP of 250 min/day on voice calls.

Apart from voice calls, the subscriber gets daily 2GB data. Post the FUP usage, the speed comes down to 80 kbps. The pack also includes 100 SMS/day that can be used while in roaming as well. As a complimentary offer, it also includes free PRBT default tune for 60 days.

The sad thing about this pack is that these freebies are limited to 60 days. You need to remember that the validity is 365 days but the freebies benefit is for 60 days.

Those who like to have a long-term validity pack for just incoming purpose can definitely go for this PV ₹365 recharge.

FRC_1499 (Bindas Bol):

The BSNL has recently launched Bindas Bol FRC that’s gaining a good appreciation among the masses. Under this FRC_1499 recharge plan, the new BSNL user gets 395 days validity.

As usual, this long-term validity pack offers unlimited voice calls both on-net and off-net. It means you can have unlimited calls in home, local, STD, national roaming including Mumbai and Delhi MTNL network. However, there is a capping of 250 min/day on calls.

The pack also offers 24GB data and 100 SMS/day. You will also get a free PRBT default tune with unlimited song change option.

Unfortunately, these freebies are just limited to 90 days. Post the 90 days, you’ll only have the incoming facility. For the outgoing and data benefits, you need to recharge separately.

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The PV_₹1999 is yet another long-term pack with 439 days validity period. The subscriber gets unlimited voice calls across India including MTNL network in Delhi and Mumbai telecom circles.

Do make a note of 250 min/day FUP capping.

Here, the user gets 3GB daily data. Post the 3GB limit, the speed comes down to 80Kbps. Other benefits include 100 SMS/day and free PRBT default tune offers. However, one should keep a note that all these benefits are limited for only 60 days.

To attract more subscribers, the BSNl has also added EROS Now entertainment service for 2 months.


The PV_₹2399 is the most expensive prepaid recharge available in BSNL kitty. It comes with a validity period of 600 days.

As usual, the freebies are limited for 60 days. And the freebies include unlimited voice calls (local, STD, and roaming). Daily 250 min capping seems to be a new norm.

Unlimited 3GB/day data, 100 SMS/day messages, free PRBT default tune and EROS Now entertainment subscription are the other benefits.

Though the BSNL has got a huge following both in prepaid and postpaid segments, the state-run telecom network is neglecting the much needed 4G deployment.

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