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    The Indian state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has unveiled two small data packs with 1-day validity. Sensing huge demand for small packs, BSNL too joined the data tariff war by introducing mini packs.

    BSNL titled the new small packs as “Mini Packs” with a just 1-day validity period. As per the information, the BSNL ₹7 mini pack offers 1GB of high-speed 3G data whereas the ₹16 mini pack offers 2GB of 3G data.

    BSNL ₹7 and ₹16 Mini Packs:

    These Special Tariff Vouchers (STV) otherwise known as Mini Packs do not offer any other special benefits except the specified high-speed 3G internet on mobile. These ₹7 and ₹16 data mini packs can be accessed PAN-India.

    However, the price may differ from circle to circle. The price of ₹7 Mini pack ranges from ₹7 to ₹9. Similarly, the 2GB ₹16 Mini Pack price could vary from ₹16 to ₹19. Leaving the pricing aside, the special tariff voucher provides a uniform 1GB and 2GB of 3G data across the nation.

    These small data packs are really helpful to the subscribers who use limited internet for their daily needs. At the same time, these are pocket-friendly too.

    BSNL ₹999 Maximum Plan:

    BSNL surprised the whole telecom industry by offering ₹999 Maximum Plan with a validity of 365 days. As per the ₹999 Maximum Plan, the prepaid user will get unlimited access to the internet, voice calls and SMS.

    However, these benefits are limited to the first 181 days and the tariff for the other period is charged on a different scale. If we divide the whole 365 days validity into 2 periods, then it is easy to understand the newly introduced ₹999 Maximum Plan.

    Tariff from 0-181 days:

    Here the user can access unlimited data with a daily cap of 1GB. After the said 1GB/day, the speed will be restricted to 40 kbps. Hope the data quota is sufficient for an average user.

    Coming to the voice benefits, all the local and STD calls are absolutely free excluding Delhi and Mumbai telecom circles. The subscribers of calls Delhi and Mumbai circles need to shell out 60 paise per minute for voice calls. As part of the bundled package, 100 SMS per day would be offered for free.

    Tariff from 181-365 days:

    There is no change in terms of data benefit. The user can enjoy the same 1GB data per day as he used to get in the first 6 months. However, the voice calls (both local and STD) are charged 60 paise per minute. The local SMS and National SMS are charged 25 paise and 35 paise respectively.

    What’s Your Opinion?

    Undoubtedly, the BSNL ₹999 Maximum Plan is one of the best plans who is looking for long-term benefits especially internet. Due to its operational issues, the plan is not available in North East, Jammu & Kashmir and Assam.

    Though the other telecom operators are offering similar long-term plans (with 90 days validity) but BSNL is way ahead of the competitors with its truly unlimited 181 days period and 365 days validity.

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