Kerala Govt to Provide 2 Million Free Internet Connections to Poor Families

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    Kerala Government is all set to provide 2 million free internet connections to poor families in the state. The financial budget 2017-18 was presented in the state assembly on Friday. As per the details available, the Kerala state government allocated 1000 crore budget to provide free access to internet connections to two million poor families.

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    Right to the Internet in Kerala:

    Addressing the launch of free access to the web, Mr T.M. Thomas Issac, Finance Minister, Government of Kerala, said: “the Internet would be made the right of the people and two million poor families will access free internet connection.” Probably, Kerala is the first state to recognise Right to Internet as a right of its citizens.

    It’s about IT in Kerala! As per the information, the Kerala state government will set up internet gateway through K Phone Network within the next 18 months. The project would cost 1000 crore and would make the internet the right for the people. All the places in Kerala will soon get the internet through electric posts.

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    Though the free internet connection is applicable to only poor families in the state, it still provides the internet access to others at a reduced rate. Mr Pinarayi Vijayan, Kerala Chief Minister, who is the leader of Left Democratic Front, has got some great initiations to provide free internet to millions of people.

    Bridge the Digital Divide:

    Kerala, the state is known for high literacy rate, will now have a reason to celebrate. As per the leaked reports, the Government would ask the state-run telecom operator BSNL to provide 1GB of internet data per month totally free of cost. Any extra usage would be charged by the service provider.

    It has been decided that the majority of Govt-related activities would soon go online. Moreover, free Wi-Fi will be initiated in all Akshaya centres to facilitate e-Seva facilities to its citizens. This ambitious initiative will definitely reduce the digital divide in the state.

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