Airtel Offers 15GB 4G Data at 1GB Price, Conditions Apply

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    It’s the time for offers! With stupendous success of Reliance Jio launch, every telecom operator is feeling the heat. Bharti Airtel, the leading telecom operator in India, is no exception. Airtel has launched surprise offer of 15GB 4G internet at 1GB price. However, the conditions apply.

    A Sweet Deal You Can’t Resist!

    If one has to recharge Airtel 4G 1GB data, then the subscriber has to shell out ₹ 250 or so. Then the main data balance account would be credited upon the request with an extra 14GB 4G data making it just ₹ 17 per GB of 4G data. That’s a great deal.

    With Jio effect, the telecom companies have started offering 4G plans at cheaper rates. This surprise 14GB additional 4G data at 1GB price is a noteworthy offer from Airtel but with a few caveats. The general public just gets carried away with the flash advertisements. So, it’s the time to be cautious while accessing such sweet offers.

    How to Get 15GB 4G Data at 1GB Price?

    In order to subscribe this 4G data offer, one should first download ‘My Airtel’ app on their smartphone. And then make a 1GB 4G recharge from My Airtel app. The promotional 14GB 4G data is instantly credited to your account. This 15GB 4G data has a validity of 3 months. That’s great in terms of the validity period. Now, you may ask me, where are the conditions?

    If the reports are to be believed, this additional 14GB 4G mobile data can be used only between 12am and 6am. If the browsing habits are to be considered, then this promotional benefit can be used only a tech-savvy persons who can schedule their downloads during the late-night hours. Moreover, this promotional data recharge is valid for only 3 charges or 3 months duration, whichever is earlier.

    What’s Your Take?

    For an average mobile user, this Airtel 15GB 4G offer is useless. But for a tech savvy person, he can take full advantage of Airtel 4G internet as its network is pretty decent across the country. However, it’s to be noted that the telecom operators will launch much more such high data recharge packs as the competition would be getting intense in the next 3 months.

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