Spectra Broadband Offers 250Mbps Speed at Just ₹999 (Is it the Best?)

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    Shyam Spectra broadband internet services are also known as Spectra is a popular ISP offering services in Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Noida and Pune.

    Interestingly, Spectranet offers better broadband plans when compared to market leaders like Reliance JioFiber and Airtel Xstream. Though this Gurgaon-based broadband service provider has launched its FTTH services in September 2017, it is yet to show its true potential.

    Shyam Telecom Rebranded as Spectra:

    After rebranding itself as Spectra, the Shyam Telecom Ltd group made good advances by offering fibre-optic broadband services to residential and enterprise customers.

    Starting with 250Mbps speed, Spectra offers truly economical plans to its customers. As said earlier, Spectra offers better plans when compared to its rivals.

    Spectra ₹999 Broadband Plan:

    The most popular plan in Spectra’s kitty is ₹999. The AirMesh Lite ₹999 offers 250Mbps internet speed at just ₹999 per month. As per the plan, there’s no FUP limit on data usage. It’s truly an unlimited plan.

    The subscriber gets a dual-band Wi-Fi router for free. This remains more or less the same with all the ISP’s in the market. Some charge a monthly rental for it while others take a minimum commitment.

    The only disadvantage of considering Spectra is its installation charge. One needs to shell out ₹1000 as the installation charges. Considering the GST, a new customer has to pay a total of ₹4359.

    This initial upfront ₹4359 payment includes 1-month ₹999 rental, ₹1000 installation charge, ₹360 GST, and ₹2000 refundable security deposit. As the company is providing a dual-band Wi-Fi router, it is forced to accept ₹2000 as a refundable security deposit.

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    What’s the Best Broadband Plan Under ₹1000?

    If you don’t have any problem with the initial ₹4359 payment, you get to enjoy an unlimited internet experience at 250Mbps. This is far ahead when compared to Airtel Xstream Fiber and JioFiber speeds that are limited to 200Mbps and 150Mbps respectively.

    Not just in terms of speed alone, Spectra offers truly unlimited data whereas the leading ISP providers limit their data usage to 3.3TB. If browsing high-speed internet is your criteria, then Spectra fits your bill. Otherwise, stay away.

    Why I said, “Stay away”? This is because it doesn’t provide any OTT benefit. This makes Reliance and Airtel value picks. When you don’t have over-the-top (OTT) content to watch, then what’s the use of having unlimited data?

    If OTT benefit is the main preference, then JioFiber is the best one to choose. Moreover, there is no free voice calls benefit in Spectra, leaving JioFiber as the most preferred choice for the best broadband plan under ₹1000.

    So, what is your opinion on the plans offered by Spectra broadband? Share your thoughts.

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