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    Bharti Airtel continues to be the leading telecom company in adding the wireless subscriber base for the straight second month. As per the new data released by TRAI, the Bharti Airtel has added 3.8 million subscribers in the month of September.

    On the other hand, Reliance Jio has to be content with a new addition of 1.5million subscribers. This clearly shows that Bharti Airtel has added double the users when compared to Reliance Jio Infocomm in September 2020.

    Surprisingly, Bharti Airtel is on roll by absorbing twice the subscribers and that too for consecutive months. As per the TRAI figures, the Vodafone Idea continues to lose its subscribers’ base.

    The PSU BSNL Enjoys 10.36% Market Share:

    According to the TRAI report, there are 958.45 million active wireless subscribers out of the total 1148.58 million subscribers in the nation. And this figure says, more than 83.45% are active users.

    The market shares of the private and public sector units are 89.35% and 10.65% respectively. In that private sector, Jio with 35.19% is the market leader. The others include Bharti Airtel (28.44%), Vodafone Idea (25.73%), and BSNL (10.36%)

    With an impressive 0.36 per cent growth in September 2020, Reliance Jio has got 404.13 million subscribers. The Bharti Airtel with 1.17% growth rate is serving 326.6 million subscribers. However, the story of Vi is quite different. It lost 4.7 million users and settled with 295.5 million subscribers.

    Reliance Jio Continues to be the No: 1 Telecom Operator:

    Thus, Reliance Jio with 35.1% market share remains the number one telecom operator. It is followed by Bharti Airtel (28.4%) and Vodafone Idea (25.7%) claiming 2nd and 3rd position.

    The TRAI figures highlighted that Reliance Jio has added 3,03,205 users and Bharti Airtel occupied the second position with 66,335 additions in the wireline segment. With this, the Bharti Airtel has about 4.4 million customers and the subscriber base of Reliance Jio stood at 2.1 Million.

    Overall, there is a 1.41 per cent monthly growth rate resulting in 726.32 million users in the broadband segment. In simple statistics, Reliance Jio with 55.85% market share is the numero uno followed by Bharti Airtel’s (22.86%), Vodafone Idea (16.5%) and BSNL (3.42%).

    Market Share of Wireline Services:

    In terms of wireline subscribers, both BSNL and MTNL combinedly hold 53.65% of the wireline market share. The others including private entities constitute 46.35%.

    The individual market share is as follows:

    Telecom Network Operator Market Share
    BSNL 38.55%
    Bharti Airtel 21.99%
    MTNL 15.1%
    Reliance Jio 10.35%
    Tata Tele 08.51%
    Vodafone Idea 2.52%

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