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    As per the latest data released by TRAI, the Bharti Airtel registers double the growth rate in terms of wireless subscribers when compared to Reliance Jio. This news is as per the TRAI August 2020 press release.

    August 2020 marked a decent figure in the growth of Bharti Airtel. It received 2,899,797 net additions in wireless subscribers of access service providers in August 2020. This is followed by the Reliance Jio with 1,864,478 net additions.

    On the contrary, Vodafone Idea lost 1,228, 334 wireless subscribers. In terms of percentage, the Bharti Airtel reports 0.91% growth report, followed by Reliance Jio’s 0.47% and BSNL’s 0.18%. The negative growth trend is observed with Vodafone Idea with (-) 0.41%.

    The Market Leaders in Telecom Sector:

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    By taking the telecom sector as a single unit, it’s been reported that 89.35% of the market share is dominated by private players. The remaining 10.65% is being shared by the two PSU’s namely BSNL and MTNL.

    TRAI’s latest report reveals the top 5 market leaders in the telecom segment. They are Reliance Jio (403.92 million), Bharti Airtel (158.98 million), Vodafone Idea (119.91 million), BSNL (23.75 million) and Atria Convergence (1.70 million).

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