Apple Also Shuns Power Adapter in iPhone 11 Model (including XR)

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    Here comes BIG shocking news! Those who wanted to purchase the older models of iPhone 11 namely iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) will not get power adapter and EarPods in the retail box.

    For the first time, Apple announced that its iPhones 12 series retail box will not have a power adapter or earphones. Instead, it will only have a USB-C to lighting cable.

    In a similar fashion, the older models of Apple will not include the necessary accessories. However, there’s an exception to the European country.

    Here’s the Exception:

    France is the only nation where the consumer will get the EarPods bundled in the retail box. This is mainly due to the adherence of local laws that clearly specify them to do so.

    Don’t know how Apple is going to deal with this new move. To console the iPhone lovers, the company has discounted the price of its EarPods by lowering it to $19.

    In a similar note, the new MagSafe Wireless charger that supports 15W fast wireless charging costs $39. Remember, the normal charger will only get you 7.5W.

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    Citing going green and environmental protection as the sole reason, Apple removed the important accessories like charger and EarPods from the retail box. Then how come the company will help the environment when it packs the same charger in a separate box?

    Truly, this is absurd. If you want to do good for the environment, only buy a phone when the old one is broken. A good phone will stand with you for at least 2 years.

    In that case, the companies should release the new smartphones once in every 2 or 3 years. In such a scenario, capitalism will not survive.

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