GTPL Broadband 100 Mbps Plan for Gujarat (Effective Monthly Cost ₹635)

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    GTPL Broadband, one of Gujarat’s leading broadband service provider, has got 100 Mbps plan at an effective monthly cost of ₹635. It’s to be noted that GTPL Hathway has got over 4 lakh broadband subscribers in Gujarat since its inception in 2006.

    Though the GTPL offers Fiber to Home (FTTH) services all over India, it has captured the Gujarat market by providing seamless fibre optical cables across the state. Apart from Ahmedabad, GTPL is prominent in other cities including Baroda, Surat, and Rajkot.

    GTPL Offer Cheaper High-Speed Broadband Plans:

    Back to the topic, GTPL 100 Mbps broadband plan comes at an effective monthly rental of ₹635. Undoubtedly, this is one of the cheapest plans across the country.

    The 100-Mbps broadband plan for a period of 6 months costs ₹4,999 including GST. By excluding GST, the 6-month plan costs ₹4236 making ₹706 as the effective cost.

    For a 9-month period, the same 100-Mbps broadband plan costs ₹6999 including GST. This works out as ₹659 as the effective monthly cost.

    By subscribing the annually, GTPL 100-Mbps FTTH plan costs ₹8995 including GST charges. The simple math makes ₹635 as the effective monthly cost. Surely, one of the cheapest plan with the good network coverage.

    Other than 100 Mbps broadband plan, GTPL offers multiple plans with different speeds. Starting at 40 Mbps, the service provider offers unlimited plans at an effective monthly rate of ₹377.

    GTPL 100 Mbps Broadband Plan Cost in Ahmedabad:

    Validity MRP MRP Excluding GST Effective Monthly Cost
    6 Rs 4999 Rs 4236 Rs 706
    9 Rs 6999 Rs 5931 Rs 659
    12 Rs 8995 Rs 7623 Rs 635

    Apart from Gujarat and Kolkata, GTPL offers digital cable TV services in more than 200 towns across India including Pune, Hyderabad, Patna, Varanasi etc.

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