Airtel ₹168 Prepaid Recharge - Daily 1GB Data & Hello Tunes

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    Though Bharti Airtel has lost its number one position to Vodafone Idea Limited, the telecom company is still leaving no stone to grab customers. Now, it has announced ₹168 prepaid recharge that offers daily 1GB data and Hello Tunes subscription for a period of 28 days.

    Bharti Airtel ₹168 Plan with Daily 1GB Data:

    As per the new offer, the Bharti Airtel subscriber will get unlimited (local, STD and national roaming) voice calls without any FUP limits in its 28-day validity period. Apart from this calling, the user will get daily 1GB and daily 100 SMS and Hello Tune subscription.

    With this prepaid recharge, Bharti Airtel will offer a massive 28GB 4G/G/2G data and 2800 SMS offerings apart from Hello Tunes subscription. Though the Vodafone India has ₹159 plan in its kitty, Bharti Airtel’s ₹168is far ahead.
    If you consider the latest ₹159 Vodafone India plan, it has a FUP of daily 250 minutes and 1000 minutes per week. The unlimited calling and SMS benefits are one and the same. However, it should be noted that Bharti Airtel’s ₹168 is not an open market plan.

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    Currently, Bharti Airtel’s ₹168 plan is a segmented one. That means only specific customers in specific areas can use this recharge offer. Recently, the company has got ₹97, ₹289 and ₹419 recharge plans that are part of the open market. With this ₹168 prepaid plan, Bharti Airtel went back to its old days that are not an acceptable thing from a reputed player.

    If the news reports are to be believed, the ₹168 plan is available in two Telecom circles namely Delhi and Andhra Pradesh & Telangana circles.

    Bharti Airtel ₹97 Combo Recharge:

    If you are looking for a combo recharge plan under ₹100, then Bharti Airtel has got a special ₹97 recharge for you. Using this recharge, the user can get combo benefits including 1.5GB of 4G data and 350 minutes of voice calling. The validity of the recharge plan is 28 days.

    Though the company has introduced this combo plan to take on Reliance Jio’s 98 prepaid plan, it has got severe shortcoming in the form of limited calling benefits. If you consider Reliance Jio ₹98 plan, then it offers unlimited calling, 2GB 4GB data and 300 SMS with 28 days validity period. If you don’t happen to compare then the ₹97 is a good recharge offer meant for luring the new customers.

    Bharti Airtel 5 FRC’s Explained:

    Apart from the regular recharge plans, Bharti Airtel has also launched 5 First Recharge (FRC) plans that offer combo benefits including data, voice calling and SMS benefits. As per the MyAirtel app, there are 5 FRC plans starting from FRC 178 to FRC 559. The details of these FRC plans are as follows:

    FRC Voice Calling Benefits SMS Benefits Data Benefits Validity Period
    Airtel FRC 178 Unlimited Calling 100 SMS per day 1GB data per day 28 days
    Airtel FRC 229 Unlimited Calling 100 SMS per day 1.4GB data per day 28 days
    Airtel FRC 344 Unlimited Calling without any FUP limit 100 SMS per day 2GB data per day 28 days
    Airtel FRC 495 Unlimited Calling 100 SMS per day 1.4GB data per day 84 days
    Airtel FRC 559 Unlimited Calling 100 SMS per day 1.4GB data per day 90 days

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