Netplus Rolls out GIGA Speed in Punjab with Plans Starting at ₹4999

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    Netplus, a 100% subsidiary of Fastway Transmission Pvt Ltd, has come up with GIGA speed plans in Punjab. Probably, this is the first ever super-fast 1000 Mbps broadband plan in the Punjab telecom circle.

    Net+1000 Mbps Broadband Plan:

    Titled Net+ Giga, the plan offers 1Gbps speed with a FUP limit of 500 GB. The pricing of 1000 Mbps broadband plan starts at ₹4999. As mentioned earlier, this starting plan has a FUP limit of 500 GB. Whereas the bigger plan priced at ₹5999 offers a whopping 1000GB FUP. That’s an incredible offer!

    After the crossing of the said FUP limits, both the plans will still offer 100 Mbps speed irrespective of your usage. With increasing demand in data, the Internet Service Providers started offering the best feasible speeds.

    Till now, Netplus is widely known for its 500 Mbps plan both in Haryana and Punjab. Hereafter, the company will enjoy the status of GIGA speed. However, the said facility is currently limited to Punjab and one can surely expect in Haryana too.

    Announcing the launch, Mr. Prem Ojha, CEO, Netplus, said that “We are pleased to launch super speed GIGA plans on our FTTH platform”. Surely, this will bring new technologies and promotes broadband evolution in the region.

    Though there is a threat from Reliance Jio FTTH, the emerging companies are trying their best to offer ten times higher speeds and four times more data at half the price than the current offerings. It will bring a big change in the mindset of users and developers too.

    Net+ 500 Mbps Broadband Plan:

    Apart from 1000Mbps FTTH plans, Netplus has also got plans with 500 Mbps download speed. In this ₹2999 plan, the FUP limit is 500 GB. Post the FUP limit; the speed will be throttled to 50 Mbps.

    Netplus has another plan with 200 Mbps download speed. Priced at ₹1599, the plan offers 200 Mbps speed with 500 GB FUP limit. Thereafter, the speed will be reduced to 50 Mbps.

    Net+ 100 Mbps Broadband Plan:

    Below the 200 Mbps plan, Netplus got a 100 Mbps broadband plan at₹1099. Here, the user will get 500 GB data. Post the usage of 500 GB, the speed will come down to 20 Mbps.

    These days’ internet service providers are launching many plans with FUP limits. Keeping the demand in view, the Netplus has also got truly unlimited plans without any FUP limitation. The broadband plans Net+ New Speed 20 and Net+ New Speed 50 comes with 20Mbps and 50Mbps at a price of ₹899 and ₹1299 respectively.

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