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    Parking availability, the much-awaited feature, will soon be embedded in the mapping and navigation app of Google Maps. Offering information about the parking availability is a valuable addition to the Google Maps. It will definitely ease driver’s anxiety on the road whether he can know the parking difficulty at the driving destination.

    The Most Sought After Feature:

    According to a report, the Internet search giant has been testing the new feature on Google Maps v9.44 beta release. Apart from displaying the driving time, the navigation app will also alert the user of parking difficulty at the destination by displaying “P” symbol on the map area.

    Google Maps P - Parking Availability:

    Though the feature is in a testing phase, it will reportedly display three levels of parking difficulty as easy, medium and limited. For easy and medium parking difficulty, the P icon will be in blue colour. If the parking difficulty is limited, then the icon will turn red in colour.

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    Mera Number Kab Aayega!

    Currently, the parking space availability feature is only limited to the United States. It is surely a major disappointment as the users of other countries including India has to wait for a while.

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