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    It is to be noted that all existing operating systems developed by Google are based on Linux kernel. Whether Android or Chrome OS, Google is powering its OS on Linux kernel. However, due to practical issues, Google is unable to integrate them into a single OS. Keeping this in mind, the software giant is working on the development of a new operating system called Fuchsia.

    Integration of Android and Chrome OS?

    As per the reports published by Android Police, Google is leaving no measures to integrate both Android and Chrome OS. This new Google experiment is based on the Magenta kernel that can run a variety of services on different devices without any problem. Moreover, it is believed that this new project can build a high-performance app from a single codebase.

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    The new OS Fuchsia will be using Dart as the primary language for programming as it gives a easy access in terms of scalability and better user interface. In fact, Google wants to mould it into an OS for the Internet of Thing (IoT) rather than sticking to a particular device.

    What’s the Future of Android?

    As of now Google’s plan to develop an integrated operating system is still at the nascent stage and there is no danger to Android. Even if everything goes right as per its plan, Google will definitely not turn Android into a dead elephant. Let’s watch this space for further details.

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