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    As per the latest official data released by the Delhi Statistical Hand Book 2016, the national capital Delhi has more than two mobiles phones devices for each individual. To be precise, there are 4.79 crore mobile phones in the national capital.

    According to the official 2011 census, the population of Delhi is approximately 1.7 crore. And there are over 4 crore mobile phones in the capital. With this, one can say that there are more than two devices for each individual.

    Landline & Mobile Usage in Delhi

    Releasing the Delhi Statistical Hand Book 2016, Mr Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, Delhi State, said: “The number of mobile phones in Delhi as on December 2015 was 4.79 crore as compared to 4.54 crore in December 2014.”

    Unlike mobiles, there is a small increase in the use of landlines. As per the report, the number of landline customers increased from 31.23 lakhs in December 2014 to 31.57 lakh in December 2015.

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