Connect Broadband to Offer 1Gbps Speed on its Fixed Line Network

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    Punjab’s leading telecom operator, Connect Broadband, is all set to deploy 1Gbps speed internet on its fixed line network. The company has claimed that it successfully tested 100Mbps internet speed on copper and 500Mbps internet speed on FTTH network. With the achievement, the company is ready to launch high-speed 1Gbps internet in a phased manner.

    Mentioning the biggest achievement, Mr. Arvind Bali, CEO Connect Broadband and Videocon Telecom, said, “With Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and connected value chain, the internet and network is expanding to all places including manufacturing floors, energy grids, healthcare facilities, and transportation.

    Higher Screen Resolution - More Data Usage:

    The importance of HD and 4K video content availability led to the higher bandwidths and finally delivering highest standards of Quality of Experience (QoE) for the customers. As a result, Videocon Group is taking it as a challenge and effectively created a network where the subscribers can exceed 1Gbps internet speed without any hassles. Te recap, Connect Broadband is offering 300GB free data and free voice calls to its customers without any changes in its pricing.

    Apart from testing 100 Mbps and 500 Mbps speeds, the Connect Broadband is also piloting the technologies such as vectoring with VDSL and G.Fast to offer 300Mbps on its copper network. Recently, Connect Broadband has participated in “Broadband World Forum” held in London where it had got enough acquaintance to explore and assistance from the global players to deploy 1Gbps speed on its fixed line network.

    Getting 1Gbps on fiber networks is not a thing of future. Reputed companies like AT&T, British Telecom, Google, and Verizon has already been offering 1Gbps speed on their networks. Connect Broadband and Reliance Jio trying their best to deploy the same service in India. As Reliance Jio is busy in tuning its network and operationalizing the Points-of-Interconnect issues, Connect Broadband will have good chance to make it the first in India. Of course, Connect Broadband has a greater presence in Punjab Telecom Circle.

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