Telecom Services to Improve in Tripura (392 Mobile Towers Sanctioned)

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    The long-pending correction of poor telecom services in Tripura is being considered by the Ministry of Telecommunications. As an immediate effect 392 mobile towers have been sanctioned.

    For years, the long stretch of east and south-eastern parts of Tripura have not been receiving telecom services. This is mainly due to the unavailability of the mobile network and poor infrastructure.

    Acute Shortage of Mobile Towers in Mountain Ranges:

    As this third-smallest Indian state is bordered by Bangladesh to the North, South and West, Tripura is facing acute shortage of mobile phone towers and related telecom infrastructure. Shockingly, the Indian army deployed in these mountain ranges is almost disconnected.

    Speaking on this issue, the Lok Sabha MP from East Tripura (Mr Rebati Tripura) said: “Following a large number of complaints, I wrote a letter to Union minister of electronics, information technology and communication Ravi Shankar Prasad”.

    As a result, the Ministry of Telecommunications took the decision to address the poor connectivity. And thereafter a survey revealed the poor telecom infrastructure. With this, the Ministry immediately sanctioned 392 new mobile phone towers in the bordering village areas of Tripura.

    State-owned BSNL getting Step Mother Treatment:

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    Despite doing good business, BSNL is not getting sufficient funds in the region. Interestingly, there is a rumour that BJP government at the centre is favouring private telecom operators and state-owned BSNL is not getting adequate support for infrastructure development.

    One thing is to be admitted. The high rate of poverty and unemployment continue to plague Tripura, which has a limited infrastructure. If the North-Eastern states get good infrastructure then they would be easily accessible from New Delhi.

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