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    No doubt data consumption in India at peak. With the introduction of 4G services, there has been tremendous demand for data. Probably, data is the new oil of the digital economy.

    Interestingly, economists believe that the world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil but data. Leaving the tech companies aside, there has been a great demand for data.

    In the telecom sector, with COVID-19, there is an increasing demand for work from home data packs. The telecom network providers used to concentrate on bundled packs that offer data with voice calling benefit. However, COVID-19 pandemic changed the scenario.

    Starting from work from home employees to online learning enthusiasts, there’s a good demand for exclusive data packs. Now, the focus of telecom players shifted to data packs in the name of work from home plans.

    All the major telecom network providers (including both private and public) have got different work from home plans for their prepaid mobile subscribers. Let us have a quick review of the plans.

    Jio Work from Home Packs:

    The 4G VoLTE telecom network Jio has got three plans for work from home enthusiasts. Starting with ₹151, Jio has got 3 packs namely ₹151, ₹201, and ₹251.

    All these 3 packs do have a 30 days validity. The ₹151 provides unlimited 30GB and the ₹201 ships unlimited 40GB. The highest ₹251 offers unlimited 50GB per month.

    Plan Validity Benefit
    ₹151 30 Days Unlimited 30 GB Data
    ₹201 30 Days Unlimited 40 GB Data
    ₹251 30 Days Unlimited 50 GB Data

    Airtel Work from Home Data Packs:

    Currently, Airtel offers 4 data packs. Starting with ₹48, the Airtel Data packs include ₹98, ₹251, and ₹401. Both ₹48 and ₹401 data packs have a validity of 28 days. On the other hand, the ₹98 and ₹251 data packs have the same validity as your current pack.

    If you are a heavy data user, then ₹401 pack is for you. It ships 30GB data with 28 days validity. Or else go with ₹251 pack that offers a mammoth 50GB data. However, the validity of the pack remains the same as your current pack.

    Plan Validity Benefit
    ₹48 28 Days 3GB Data
    ₹98 Existing Validity 12GB Data
    ₹251 Existing Validity 50GB Data
    ₹401 28 Days 30GB Data

    Vi Work from Home Data Packs:

    The Vodafone Idea network too got 3 data exclusive plans for work from home enthusiasts. Starting with ₹16, there is 3 work from home packs namely ₹16, ₹251 and ₹351.

    The ₹16 Vi pack offers 1GB data with 24 hours validity. The ₹251 and ₹351 work from home packs offer 50GB and 100GB data with a validity period of 28 and 56 days respectively.

    Plan Validity Benefit
    ₹ 16 24 Hours 1GB Data
    ₹ 251 28 Days 50 GB Data
    ₹ 351 56 Days 100 GB Data

    BSNL Work from Home Mobile Plans:

    The state-run telecom player BSNL has also got 3 work from home data-only STV’s. Starting with ₹56, the other packs are ₹151 and ₹251.

    The BSNL work from home prepaid STVs is aimed at work from home enthusiasts. That’s the reason, they just ship data and no voice calling benefit in similar lines with that of Jio, Airtel and Vi work from home data packs.

    The smallest ₹56 work from STV offers 10GB data with 10 days of validity. The bigger ₹151 STV and ₹251 prepaid STV offer 40GB and 70GB of data benefit with 28 days validity.

    There are some individual packs such as BSNL ₹247 STV that ships daily 3GB data and unlimited calling (FUP 250min per day) with a validity of 30 days. That means the user gets a whooping 90GB data in 30 days.

    This pack is economical when compared to ₹251 prepaid STV that offer 70GB data with 28 days validity. However, it limits the usage of data up to 3GB only. If the user wants to download a bigger size file then there’s no use of this ₹247 STV.

    Plan Validity Benefit
    ₹ 56 10 Day 10 GB Data
    ₹ 151 28 Days 40 GB Data
    ₹ 251 28 Days 70 GB Data

    If one considers the ₹251 as the industry standard work from home data pack, then the private telecom players including Jio, Airtel, Vi offer 50GB unlimited data.

    However, the state-run telecom player BSNL offers a whooping 70GB data benefit. That’s really a big considerate plan from BSNL.

    Do you agree with my opinion? Share your thoughts.

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