Vi 948 Postpaid Ships Unlimited Data (Amazon Prime & ZEE5 Premium)

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    Bringing a major breakthrough in its postpaid segment, Vodafone Idea has got Vi 948 plan offering unlimited data. It also packs Amazon Prime and ZEE5 Premium access to its subscribers.

    The Vi 948 plan is again a bundle plan comprising 2 connections. The base or primary connection has ₹699 monthly rental and the secondary comes for ₹249. It is to be noted that the primary connection ₹699 offers a lot of benefits.

    Vi ₹699 Postpaid Plan:

    The Vi 699 Postpaid plan offers a free subscription to Amazon Prime, ZEE5 Premium, and Vi Movies and TV App. Along with the OTT benefits, it packs unlimited data. That’s really a BIG decision taken by Vi team.

    Till now no telecom operator has come forward to offer unlimited data under ₹700 monthly rental. Surely, this could turn as a good mobile plan in this work-from-home era.

    Along with unlimited data, the Vi 699 postpaid plan packs unlimited calls and daily 100 SMS benefit.

    Coming back to our Vi 948 Postpaid plan, this high-priced plan is currently limited to UP East circle including Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, and Faizabad.

    Free Unlimited Data Only on Primary Connection:

    The other limitation of Vi 948 plan is 30GB free data on the secondary connection. The primary connection gets free unlimited data whereas the add-on connection gets limited 30GB free data. However, all the other benefits such as OTT subscriptions remain the same.

    In case, the secondary connection runs out of the allotted 30GB free data, then the user needs to purchase data at ₹20 per GB. If the user is left with data, then there is a flexibility of data rollover of up to 50GB.

    Under Entertainment Plus, the Vi ₹699 Postpaid plan is truly an entertainment package with unlimited data and free access to Amazon Prime and Zee5 Premium. It should be noted that this free access to OTT subscription is limited to a period of 1 year and is a one-time benefit. Post 1-year of usage, the user needs to renew the pack.

    VIP Red X ₹1099 Postpaid Plan:

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    If you are a strong Netflix lover, then you can opt VIP Red X ₹1099 plan. For an extra ₹400, you get Netflix subscription too. All the other benefits remain the same including unlimited data, Amazon Prime and Zee5 Premium subscription.

    In that case, it becomes Vi 1348 Postpaid Plan with VIP Red X ₹1099 plan as the base plan and ₹249 as a secondary plan. One can add up to 4 secondary connections at ₹249 per month.

    However, one should remember that this plan comes with lock-in for the first 6 months. In case, you need to opt-out then you need to pay a one-time exit fee of ₹3000.

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