Samsung to Resume Galaxy Note 7 Sales from September 28

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    Re: Why Samsung Will Replace Current Galaxy Note 7 with New One?

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    After announcing Galaxy Note 7 Safety Recall, Samsung is gearing up to resume its Note 7 sales reportedly from September 28th. Though its reputation is at stake, Samsung claimed the customer’s safety is their highest priority and urged the Note 7 users to participate in the U.S. Note 7 Exchange Program.

    Exchange Program:

    You don’t need to go Samsung store to check whether you are eligible for the exchange program. Just enter your IMEI or serial number and check online. The Galaxy Note 7 owners can contact the carrier or retail outlet where they purchased their device and get the Note 7 exchanged or obtain a refund along with $25 gift card. This is really the biggest drive to recall 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 units after its batteries started overheating, catching fire and posed a safety risk.

    Galaxy 7 will resume Sales:

    In spite of the faulty Note 7, people are ready to purchase the new and safe Galaxy 7 Note. Indeed, Note 7 is the flagship phablet of the South Korean electronics giant Samsung. The company has announced that the new Galaxy Note 7 will be at available with carrier/retailer no later than September 21, 2016.

    However, according to a company spokeswoman, Samsung doesn’t want to mess the things with the Global Safety Recall and thus it would resume Galaxy Note 7 sales from September 28th, 2016 or when conditions allow. Hopefully, all these issues will settle down by that point.

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