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    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the most trending, and of course the hottest phone at this point. Starting from its design to features, everything seemed to be perfect from its launch date on 19th August. But an unlucky owner claimed that his phablet burst into flames and his posted photos went viral.

    And with this incident, Samsung made an announcement of a global recall of its flagship Note 7 phone. It immediately halted the production of Note 7. One may be of the opinion that Note 7 is a failure handset. On the other hand, it’s more than that; they explode.

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    Reported Explosions:

    As of September 1st, 35 cases were reported globally. Not just heating or smoke, the users have reported flames and explosion while charging. It is definitely a serious battery problem that Samsung would like to address via global recall. Till date, Samsung manufactured 2.5 billion units and sold 1 million to the end users. So, it’s definitely a shame on Samsung that the best Android phone the world has ever seen got a serious flaw to address.

    If you happened to be an owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 then go and exchange it for a new one. Till then, use only OEM charger and do not leave it to charge overnight. If you have access to any other handset, then try to use it instead of the flagship Note 7 phablet. Don’t compromise with safety, human life is precious.

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