JioPages Browser Launched – 11 Things You Need to Know Before Using

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    In an attempt to increase its digital dominance, Reliance Jio launched made-in-India browser “JioPages” that works on the Android platform. Though the company has launched the JioBrowser in December 2018, it now rebranded it JioPages.

    One can’t deny the fact that the timing of JioPages launch is perfect. When the whole of India is going through Aatmanirbhar Bharat sentiment and boycotting Chinese apps, there could be a huge benefit for Reliance Jio.

    To the unaware, Jio in association with Qualcomm has conducted 5G trials and achieved more than 1Gbps internet speed in 5G RAN network platforms.

    Before we start using JioPages, let us go through the 9 important facts behind make-in-India’s JioPages browser.

    1. Based on Chromium Blink Engine:

    The JioPages is a built on Blink engine that is developed as a part of Chromium Project. The same framework is being used by other popular browsers including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and Brave.

    1. Incognito Mode:

    The JioPages has an inbuilt incognito mode that supports private browsing. One can even set a PIN or fingerprint to access it.

    1. Blocks Ads:

    Jio’s browser blocks all kinds of advertisements and pop-up ads to provide a clean environment.

    1. Local Indian Languages:

    Apart from the default English, JioPages supports 8 other Indian languages including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Bengali. Even the content feed can be personalized based on language preference.

    1. Personalized Home Screen:

    One can easily personalize the home screen by changing the options in settings. You can select any search engine of your choice. The option includes Google, Bing, and Duck Duck. If you want to pin the favourite websites for easy access, then it allows.

    1. Dark Mode:

    The JioPages allows you to switch to Dark Mode. You can even have a personalized theme using colourful background themes.

    1. Informative Cards:

    The JioPages provides you with the personalized informative card based on your preference. It includes the latest news trending such as IPL cricket score, stock market trends etc.

    1. Advanced Download Manager:

    Based on the type of file (such as image, video, pdf), the JioPages differentiates downloads section. This helps in easier access to the downloaded files when needed.

    1. Lightest Browser:

    With less than 3.6MB in size, JioPages is surely one of the lightest web browsers available on the Google Play store.

    1. Encrypted Connection:

    The encrypted connection makes it a go-to browser. Earlier, the Chinese-bound UC browser was banned for privacy concerns. With more than 400 million subscribers, Jio will surely consider privacy as the utmost concern.

    1. Limited to Android Phones:

    Currently, the much-hyped Made-in-India browser is limited to Android handsets. If you are an Apple iOS user, then you need to wait for a few more days.

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