BSNL Revises Unlimited BB Plans to GB/Day Plans

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    Telecom companies are struck at tariff revision. The state-run telecom operator BSNL is no exception. Till now the telecom companies tried different permutations and combinations with respect to the mobile data. BSNL has gone ahead by revising its unlimited broadband plans.

    Surprisingly, the BSNL has introduced GB/day plans by withdrawing unlimited broadband plans. This revision will take place starting 1st December 2018 across all the telecom circles except Andaman & Nicobar Telecom circle. The most popular Unlimited Broadband Plan ₹249 will also get the tariff revision.

    The latest revision will be applicable to all the new broadband users. The existing BSNL subscribers who had opted 6-month promotional, annual, 2-yr and 3-yr plans will be spared. They would be brought into the new tariff after the expiry of their current subscription.

    BBG Combo ULD 600GB Plan:

    Of all the GB/day broadband plans, BSNL BBG Combo ₹491 monthly plan offers a whopping 20 GB per day. It translates to 600GB of data in a month. Apart from the data, it offers 24-hour unlimited free calls (both local and national) to any network in India.

    It is to be noted that one can access broadband at 10 Mbps speed with a limit of 20 GB/day. Post the FUP limit, the speed will be reduced to 2 Mbps. The data calculation would restart daily at 00.00 hours.

    The BSNL has launched this plan on a promotional basis for a period of 90 days. Upon the expiry of the promotional period (90 or 180 days), the subscriber will be migrated to the regular Broadband plans. Remember, the written consent would be taken while filling the CAF form. No separate calls would be made during the phase of the migration.

    BSNL GB/Day Plans Comparison:

    BBG Combo ULD 150GB Plan BBG Combo ULD 300GB Plan BBG Combo ULD 600GB Plan
    Bandwidth (Download Speed) Upto 20 Mbps Upto 20 Mbps Upto 20 Mbps
    FUP till 5 GB/day till 10 GB/day till 20 GB/day
    Post FUP Speed Upto 1 Mbps beyond Upto 1 Mbps beyond Upto 1 Mbps beyond
    Monthly Charges ₹199 ₹299 ₹491
    Download/Upload Limit (MB/GB) per month Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
    Free E-mail IDs/Space (Per E-mail ID) 1/1 GB 1/1 GB 1/1 GB
    Security Deposit ₹500 ₹500 ₹500
    Telephone fixed monthly charges Nil Nil Nil
    24-hr Free Calls on any network Unlimited calling Unlimited calling Unlimited calling

    What’s Your Opinion?

    Don’t know what made the PSU implement daily FUP in landline (wired) broadband segment. Sometimes it may be necessary to download large files. In such a scenario, if the daily FUP gets exhausted then the subscriber should wait till the next morning or else should continue with 1 Mbps speed.

    This is really a disappointing movie by the BSNL. Being a PSU, the BSNL telecom operator should be customer-centric and provide value for money plans. When the users are moving away from wired broadband, the latest tariff revision by BSNL is a setback.

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