Idea Cellular 6GB Add-on Bullet Pack for ₹92 with 7 Days Validity

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    Till date, Idea Cellular was just following the market leader Bharti Airtel in countering the disruptive tariffs of Reliance Jio. The Idea Cellular has added a new Add-on Bullet pack to its prepaid product lineup. These data packs can be used over and above unlimited packs. Literally, these are just add-on packs.

    6GB Add-on Bullet Pack:

    As per the reports, Idea Cellular launched exciting two Add-on packs meant to offer mobile data at a cheaper rate. Of them, 6GB Add-on pack priced at ₹92 holds the limelight. This data pack has a validity period of 7 days.

    It is to be noted that the validity of the add-on pack is dependent on the subscriber’s existing tariff.

    Say, for example, if the subscriber holds an unlimited voice or combo pack, then he or she can enjoy the 6GB data benefit as long the primary plan continues. In case, your daily 1.4GB gets exhausted and then you do a ₹92 recharge. The result us 6GB data till your plan is valid. In case, you’re a non-unlimited plan user, then you’ll get a 6GB 4G/3G data with 7 days validity.

    3GB Add-on Bullet Pack:

    Apart from ₹92 Add-on 6GB data pack, Idea Cellular has also launched 3GB Add-on pack. However, the validity of this 3GB data pack is just 1 day. If you are on an unlimited pack, the validity is valid till the validity of the base pack. If not, then the normal validity of 1 day holds.

    This is to be remembered that these data add-on bullet packs don’t follow any data roll over/accumulation feature. It gets lapsed with the expiry of the main voucher’s validity. Moreover, the add-one packs are just limited to unlimited voice or combo packs. They are not applicable on unlimited packs with data only benefits.

    Idea Cellular - Always Me-too Tariffs:

    As said earlier, Idea Cellular always joins the tariff war with me-too tariff. The latest Add-on packs are no exception. Bharti Airtel recently unveiled the ₹92 and ₹49 add-on data packs that offer 6GB and 3GB 4G/3G mobile data with a validity of 7 days and 3 days respectively. The validity concept is similar and Idea Cellular just copied it from Bharti Airtel.

    Reliance Jio - The Front Runner:

    However, it is to be noted that all these add-on packs concept is a direct inspiration from Reliance Jio to counter Jio. The truly 4G telecom company has got 4 add-on packs namely ₹11, ₹21, ₹51 and ₹102 that offer 400MB, 1GB, 3GB and 6GB respectively with a validity of existing plan.

    If you happen to observe the Reliance Jio offerings, then you’ll be happy to note that there’s an exclusive plan for just ₹49. Here, the subscriber gets unlimited voice calling, 50 SMS, 1GB data and free subscription to premium Jio apps. Surprisingly, this ₹49 pack is limited to Jio Phone exclusively.

    Leaving the Me-too strategy aside, Idea Cellular is busy in rolling out 4G VoLTE services in 6 telecom circles. The company has started offering 10GB of free data to VoLTE subscribers who make their first VoLTE based voice call. In the first phase, the facility is just limited to Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, Gujarat, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra & Goa, and Tamilnadu. Later on, the facility will be expanded to other telecom circles making it PAN India.

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