Google Likely to Launch $129 Home Wi-Fi Router on October 4th

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    As per the latest sources, Google is likely to launch $129 home Wi-Fi router on October 4th. This launch will be alongside Pixel phones, 4K Chromecast Ultra, and Google Home speaker.

    If you compare the latest version with that of the previous models built by TP-Link and Asus, Google claims to provide enhanced range and smart features. Price wise, this is definitely cheaper than OnHub.

    In Line with Eero & Luma:

    Google’s new home Wi-Fi router is very much like Eero or Luma. It can link multiple Google Wi-Fi access points and create one larger wireless network so that you don’t have any weak spot in a house in terms of networking capabilities.

    The folks at Android Police first reported that Google will be unveiling its own brand dual band home Wi-Fi router and typically, the big day would be October 4th as Google is set to launch a lot of new gadgets.

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