BSNL Unveils DSL Broadband Plans with 10Mbps Speed (Starting at ₹299)

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    The state-run telecom player BSNL has unveiled 3 new plans under the DSL Broadband segment. The PSU known for promoting Fibre-to-the-Home plans has also got DSL broadband plans in its kitty.

    Though everyone talks about FTTH broadband, the BSNL has about 1 million subscribers under its Bharat Fiber out of the total 7 million wireline subscribers. The remaining 6 million BSNL broadband users are still on DSL plans.

    Poor Average Internet Speed in India:

    This is really a pathetic situation. When a country like Thailand can deliver an average speed of 220Mbps, India still remains at 52Mbps. It is mainly due to the poor bridging of urban and rural India.

    Unlike modern Fibre broadband, the BSNL DSL broadband offers slow internet speeds. Earlier, it used to pack 2Mbps now these DSL broadband plans are upgraded to cater 10Mbps internet speed.

    In a bid to provide better internet access, the PSU BSNL has introduced decent plans under the DSL broadband category. The 3 new plans under BSNL DSL broadband carry ₹299, ₹399 and ₹555 monthly rentals.

    All the above plans do provide 10Mbps internet speed. However, they do differ in terms of data benefit. For installation, there will be a security deposit of ₹500 which is a nominal practice followed by the ailing PSU.

    The plans are as follows:

    BSNL ₹299 DSL Broadband:

    The BSNL ₹299 DSL broadband is popularly known as 100GB CUL. The name itself declares that the plan provides 10Mbps internet speed till 100GB. Post the usage, it comes down to 2Mbps.

    As it is a promotional plan, the BSNL ₹299 DSL broadband will be available for only 6 months duration. Post the 6-month offer, the plan will be migrated to ₹399 DSL Broadband.

    The plan comes with a security deposit of ₹500 and offers unlimited voice calling benefit to any network across India.

    BSNL ₹399 DSL Broadband:

    In the BSNL fraternity, the ₹399 DSL broadband plan is known by the name 200GB CUL. It implies that the plan will provide a 10Mbps internet speed to 200GB. Post FUP, the speed comes down to 2Mbps.

    The plan also includes an unlimited voice calling benefit by default and can be hired for a minimum of 1-month duration.

    BSNL ₹555 DSL Broadband:

    The higher-end 555 plan under BSNL DSL broadband provides a whooping 500GB data and thereafter the speed gets limited to 2Mbps. It also packs unlimited voice calling benefits.

    Starting March 1st, 2021, all the above-listed plans can be availed by both new and existing subscribers across all BSNL Telecom Circles except the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

    Moreover, these DSL broadband plans can be subscribed for long term duration such as 5.5 months, 10.5 months, 20.5 months and 30.5 months.

    If the BSNL user is looking for higher data bandwidth, then he has to opt for Super Star 1 or Super Star 2 plans that offers 799GB and 1100GB respectively. Interestingly, these superstar plans offer Hotstar Premium subscription for free.

    So, what is your opinion on the latest revision of BSNL DSL broadband internet plans? Share your thoughts.

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