After WeChat, U.S. Court Blocks TikTok Ban (US-China Trade War)

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    Soon after the U.S. Court issued a temporary stay against the decision to ban WeChat, another US District Judge blocked the decision.

    As per the new order, both the Chinese Apps got a reprieve. Till then, Google and Apple will continue to have these apps on their store. It seems the Trump administration has already filed a suit to stay an injunction blocking the ban.

    TikTok Puts Deal With Oracle, Walmart in Beijing’s Hands:

    With the tensions between the US and China are at the peak, the Trump administration wants to consolidate the things by forcing the sale of the short-video service TikTok to Oracle Corp and Walmart Inc.

    The U.S. has been saying that WeChat is a threat as the Tencent-owned app track users and steal their data. Don’t know how the Chinese Communist Party is going to react.

    How to Keep in Touch with Chinese?

    Earlier, the Chinese American community claimed that WeChat is a lifeline connecting them to family and friends in China. And with the American restrictions, the person reported “It’s really sad. I’ll be completely cut-off.

    Interestingly, both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are banned in China. That’s the reason, WeChat is considered to be the primary app for Chinese speakers in the US to socialize.

    Currently, WeChat has about 19 million active users in the US alone. Here, the Indian Government unilaterally banned the Chinese apps citing the protecting sovereignty of the nation as the reason.

    For a fact, Trump has been taking an anti-China stand. He repeatedly refers to novel coronavirus as China-virus and China Flu.

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