• Re: Why Samsung Will Replace Current Galaxy Note 7 with New One?

    According to the latest reports, United States alone reports over 70 incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 overheating. According to an official report released by Canadian Consumer Safety Authority, there were over 70 incidents in United States where the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 got overheated, caught fire, or exploded.

    However, the press release of Samsung on September 1st reported 35 incidents of battery issue with Note 7. With the latest reports, Samsung has estimated that there is a battery issue that could affect 1 in every 42,000 units.

    Temporary Fix - OTA Update?

    In order to prevent much damage, Samsung has totally recalled Galaxy Note 7. If the latest reports are to be believed, Samsung has been working on releasing an OTA update that would permanently limit the capacity of the battery to 60%. That means, following the OTA update, the Note 7 handsets will stop charging when the battery reaches 60% of its capacity. Apart from this, the OTA update will also urge the users to give in for the recall.

    The company said “This OTA update is meant for the customers who have not responded to the Samsung’s Recall”. It’s a big thing that the company is taking all steps to counter bad publicity. However, the loss of consumer confidence is a big long term damage that could benefit the launch of Apple iPhone 7.

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