Indians Use Only 9 Mobile Apps Daily of 33 Total Installed

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    A recent research conducted by Google alongside TNS has found that only 9 mobile apps are used by Indians even if they download 33 apps on their smartphones. The survey was conducted over 10,000 smartphone users in 10 countries in Asia Pacific region. The research led to understanding what drives their app behaviour.

    The survey was conducted over 10,000 smartphone users in the age group of 18-64 to understand their app behaviour. The most prominent Asia Pacific countries were on the list including China, Japan, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The study showcased that emerging markets have fewer installed apps compared to developed markets.

    Not Just App Stores:

    Interestingly, App stores are not the only place to find the new apps. In India, 38% smartphone users discover apps through search. Apart from web browsing search, Indians also find the existence of new apps through family and friends and TV and print media ads. Before installing a new mobile app, the Indian look at the rating of the App, user reviews and App’s Size (relative to memory left on phone) is of prime importance.

    Gaming apps are the most popular category installed by users across all Asian markets. It is followed by Education and books, comics and magazines etc.

    In-app Purchases:

    Surprisingly, Indians top the list of users who make an in-app purchase or make a payment of app-related digital goods. About 77% are comfortable spending money on apps. It is to be remembered that 54% respondents are happy with the free content. On the other hand, 50% users are ready to buy with one-off payments and subscribe to a digital service.

    The smartphone users in China, India, and Indonesia prefer mobile apps instead of websites for price comparisons.


    Most users won’t keep an app if it is no longer useful. Thus, in the ever-growing market of apps, it is important to stay relevant otherwise the user will simply uninstall due to limited phone storage and competition. Give the customers a reason to stay installed.

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