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    Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has announced the good news to its iPhone 11 users. The company stated that it would offer a new screen replacement program for affected iPhone 11 units.

    As the iPhone 11 users are experiencing touch screen and non-responding issues, the company has officially decided to offer free replacement of screen on affected iPhone 11 handsets. The company announced that iPhone 11 handsets that were made during November 2019 and May 2020 are experiencing a technical glitch.

    As per the official reports, the problem in touch screen is primarily associated with an issue in the display module. Though the company says it’s a small percentage, there have been tons of complaints on Apple and Mac forums.

    The company has set up a procedure to avail this free replacement of screen. The iPhone 11 users check whether their handset is applicable for this free program by using serial number.

    How to Check Whether Handset is Applicable for Free Service?

    If you are unaware of the serial number, then just tap settings -> General -> About.

    One can directly enter their handset’s serial number on Apple’s website and get to know the details. If your device is eligible for the free display replacement program, then the Apple-authorized service provider will provide the service for free of cost.

    Make sure you take a backup of your data in the iPhone. The company also advised that if the display is broken or cracked, then one should fix it before the touchscreen issue is serviced.

    In case the Apple iPhone 11 user has already got repaired, then the Apple will provide a refund for the same.

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    One thing is for sure, these days Apple is not having good quality control checks. By providing free repair service, Apple is taking responsibility otherwise it could face another lawsuit.

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