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    Apart from the much awaited Jio 4G launch, Reliance also unveiled its plans to launch Gigafiber broadband internet services. This Fiber to home network will offer internet speed as high as 1 Gbps. Surely, this will be a huge step to realize the dreams of digital revolution.

    90-days Gigafiber Welcome Offer:

    In the lines of Jio 4G, Reliance Jio will bring Gigafiber Welcome Offer for a period of 90 days. Apart from unlimited broadband at 100Mbps speed, one can enjoy access to Jio premium apps including JioPlay, JioBeats, and JioCinema using LYF branded IPTV set top box.

    Though the beta services are limited to select towns and cities, it will be expanded to top 100 cities in India. As per the reports, the company has already rolled out its Gigafiber 1 Gbps internet services to residential complexes in select towns. As per the new report, the parent company Reliance has got more than 1, 00,000 route per km (Rkm) fiber network across India.

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    Only a Handful Competition:

    Subscribers using Jio Fiber to Home network are claiming more than 90Mbps speed and related tweets are being viral across social media. This wired broadband internet is on par with the services being offered in the developed nations. At present, only a handful of telecom operators (such as Hayai, Reliance Ultraband, MTNL, and BSNL) are offering 1Gbps or faster plans in India but only limited to Mumbai.

    If we look further, there are only a few such services like Google Fiber offering up to 1000Mbps internet connection speed to select metro areas like San Francisco, Raleigh-Durham, Huntsville, Nashville and San Antonio. Currently, Google is exploring bringing Google Fiber to 8 cities in the USA. Google Fiber plans start at $70 per month (approx ₹ 4900) and $10 for unlimited calls to the US and Canada.

    Ultra Affordable:

    Certainly, we can’t expect the same pricing to be followed here. However, higher speed will definitely attract a premium rate. Otherwise, the quality of the service would be at stake.

    During the preview offer, one can expect Jio Fiber services to be affordable. If the reports are to be believed, Reliance is offering 1Gbps plans starting at ₹ 500. Unlike Jio tariff, one can expect unlimited internet as 4G mobile data is different from that of broadband internet. With Gigafiber high-speed internet and Jio 4G, one can definitely expect seamless connectivity to the rural and urban India.

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