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    The search engine giant Google will roll out E2E encryption for Android users after its beta testing. One can expect End-to-End encryption for Google Messages over the next year.

    The end-to-end encryption will make it harder for anyone to read the content. The Google claimed that E2E encryption of Android Messages will soon facilitate that no one will be seeing the content in it including Google, Law Enforcement and third parties.

    This important decision is considered to be a part of Google’s move to upgrade traditional SMS to Rich Communication Services (RCS). When the world is moving from standard SMS to instant-chat age, the telecom companies are still stuck at the SMS age.

    Thus, Google wants to upgrade it by facilitating additional features like the inclusion of images and videos in Rich Communication Services (RCS). To the unaware, Messages is Google’s official app for texting (SMS, MMS) and chat (RCS).

    Moreover, the global popularity of WhatsApp compelled Google to roll out End-to-End Encryption for Android Messages. When Apple can have its own E2E encryption in the form of iMessage, there’s a desperate need for Google Messages to have E2E.

    How to Have End-to-End Encryption in Android Messages:

    Thus, when last year Google rolled out offering RCS servers, E2E for Google Messages was on the cards. Starting this month, beta testers can avail E2E encryption on Android Messages.

    The global roll-out could be a slow process or in a phased manner. Immediately after the best-testing, or at least by early 2021, the E2E encryption upgrade feature will be rolled out globally.

    This End-to-End encryption will be automatically served when both parties are using Android Messages with Chat active within Messages.

    Pros & Cons of E2E Encryption:

    As such this E2E encryption is the need of the hour. The digital right activists and civil liberties groups are strongly in favour of the privacy and security of all internet users. This is of more importance when cybercriminals and government are snooping the day-today activities of internet users.

    However, the other side of the coin is law enforcement agencies’ argument that technology is being misused and strong encryption could hinder criminal investigations.

    Though there are both pros and cons of End-to-End Encryption, one should remember that Google’s Android Messages is not the first one to implement.

    Apple has its own iMessage chatting platform that has got E2E encryption. Other independent platforms include WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal etc.

    Thus, let’s dump the 30-year old standard SMS which is increasingly insecure and bring E2E Android Messages. Hope Google can wok out the cross-platform feature instead of just sticking itself to Android.

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