Idea Cellular ₹19 Prepaid Plan Offers Unlimited Voice for 2 Days

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    Though Aditya Birla led telecom group entity Idea Cellular has officially announced a merger with Vodafone India, it is not leaving any stone to its competitors. The telecom company has officially launched a ₹19-prepaid plan that’s well meant for prepaid subscribers.

    As per the reports available, the Idea Cellular ₹19 plan is in line with Airtel’s 19 prepaid plan. It offers unlimited voice calling benefits, 100 SMS and 150 MB data. This is a mini combo plan that offers all the benefits for 2 days. With FUP limits on, the subscriber can enjoy 250 minutes per day including roaming calls.

    Idea Cellular ₹19 Prepaid Plan Vs The Competitors:

    If you look at the ₹19 Prepaid Plan from Reliance Jio, it offers similar benefits but only for 1 day. To be precise, Reliance Jio ₹19 plan offers unlimited voice calls, 20 SMS and 150MB data for 1 day. Undoubtedly, Idea Cellular ₹19 prepaid plan is better than Reliance Jio’s offering.

    Telecom Company Prepaid Plan Voice Benefits Data Benefits SMS Benefits Validity
    Idea Cellular ₹19 Unlimited 150MB 100 SMS 2 Days
    Reliance Jio ₹19 Unlimited 150MB 20 SMS 1 Day
    Bharti Airtel ₹19 Unlimited 200MB 100 SMS 1 Day

    In this entry-level segment, Bharti Airtel used to score over Reliance Jio’s ₹19 Prepaid Plan. However, with the introduction of Idea Cellular ₹19 Prepaid Plan, Aditya Birla led telecom group seems to be the clear winner.

    Besides these entry-level tariff plans, Idea has also got ₹998 and ₹1298 prepaid unlimited packs that offer daily 5GB data and 7GB respectively with a validity of 28 and 35 days. There’s no particular reason for launching these plans. Interested users can subscribe these high denomination plans.

    What’s Your Opinion?

    After the entry of Reliance Jio, the telecom map has been reshaped. And the incumbent operators are designing new tariff plans to stay in the competition. Though there is no requirement for an entry-level pack, the telecom operators do not want to lose this minute segment. As stated, Idea Cellular is redesigning its campaign and further strengthening its customer base across India.

    As per the latest news, the proposed merger is in the final stages of approval. This has been confirmed by none other than Telecom Secretary Aruna Sundararajan. If it materializes, the combined entity will have over 400 million subscribers making it the largest telecom entity.

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